Camping Prepper RV - Livin' Off The Grid - Magic Mug 11 oz

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*Original Design*

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Try It ... You Know You Want To!

Just hover over the image of the black mug to see it change to white as it reveals the “Livin' Off the Grid” design!

 · Mug appears black ... Add hot liquid to magically reveal the print!

·  Changes Color from Black to White!

·  Just Add Your Favorite Hot Drink!

11oz Ceramic Mug Changes from Black to White with Funny Design! Just Add Your Favorite Hot Liquid!

* We recommend NOT using the microwave or dishwasher with this special mug. Hand wash just to be sure!

Printed and Shipped from the Good Ole’ USA!


·  Pour in your favorite hot drink and watch the “Livin' Off the Grid” design magically appear!

·  Our color-changing mugs are thermochromic, which is a technical term for freakin’ magic.

·  We're don’t really understand how it works, but we're absolutely positive that ours is the best coffee/tea/hot chocolate/hot toddy/Irish Coffee mug you’ll ever find!

·  This crazy awesome mug starts out pure black, then you magically get a whole new white mug with a gorgeous image when you add your favorite hot liquid!

·  There's nothing quite like starting your day with your favorite hot drink, and then enjoying it even more because of the wild things happening on your mug.

 Crazy Cool Gift for RV'rs, Campers, Preppers and more!

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(Printed & Shipped From the USA)

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